Walter Swennen
Entre nous quelque chose se passe

17 March - 9 July 2017
Group exhibition

M Museum Leuven, Leuven, Belgium

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Abstract or figurative, ambiguous meanings, references to interpersonal relationships: an artwork can evoke tension in a variety of ways. This exhibition explores these tensions in works by David Claerbout, Patrick Corillon, Guy Mees, Philippe Van Snick, Walter Swennen, and others. All the works are on long-term loan from Cera to the M Collection.

Entre nous quelque chose se passe… is a metaphor for exhibiting or collecting art. What happens when you bring together various artworks from a collection in the same space? At the same time, the title refers to a video work by Ria Pacquée, which is also part of the exhibition. The video documents the behaviour of people in a park in Paris. The result is a portrait of anonymous passers-by who attentively perform repetitive movements. Unconsciously, our behaviour as viewers mirrors their own.

Featuring work by Jacques Charlier, David Claerbout, Patrick Corillon, Lili Dujourie, Christoph Fink, Guy Mees, Ria Pacquée, Walter Swennen, Philippe Van Snick, and Jan Vercruysse.

This exhibition is a collaboration between M and the Faculty of Law, KU Leuven, with the support of Cera.