Lone Haugaard Madsen, Heimo Zobernig

27 April - 7 July 2018
Group exhibition

Haubrok Foundation – FAHRBEREITSCHAFT, Berlin, Germany

Artist Page: 

Paperwork within our collection also deals with the treatment of paper. Martin Creed, for example, crumples or folds it. In the case of Stanley Brouwn and Jonathan Monk, it’s about dimension. Paper, of course, also serves as a transmitter of information, and can’t always be easily read – shown here by several works. Then there are uniquely-cut scripts (Martin Boyce), telefaxes (On Kawara), book covers by Paul Bonnet and a book written in braille by Karin Sander. The exhibition also showcases concrete, figurative drawings, such as the animated illustrations for a film by Mathias Poledna, abstracts, nearly undefinable signs, such as those by Georg Herold or Peter Piller, and the strict composition of straight lines (Florian Pumhösl or Vaclav Pozarek). It’s not uncommon though that a work can be categorized by various criteria. This is the starting point for examining a whole host of different interpretations.

Axel Haubrok, April 2018