Eric Hattan
Hängen lassen, (Basel), 2023
verschiedene Materialien
ca. 340 x ø 10 cm
Eric Hattan

Eric Hattan (born 1955 in Wettingen) is a Swiss concept-, video-, performance- and installation-artist. Eric Hattan departs from concrete objects and spaces. He questions places, architectures and situations of all-day-life through breaking regularities and subversing the assumed stasis of the world with playful irony. The rearrangement of clothing, furniture, pedestals or monitors plays a decisive role in his oeuvre, even became independent and exposes given situations to unbiased observation. Eric Hattan directs his gaze on processes and incidents in the urban space through his video camera. During expeditions through cities and their peripheries he discovers a potential of plastic forms, which complete, comment or permeate his installative works since the 1990s. The phenomenological exploration of daily processes and random movements leads him often to construction sites. Not yet or not anymore used zones, property just before demolition or during a building freeze, waste land and nowhere land, lay bare sculptural qualities, which challenge the artist to different insights. Hattan's usually temporary projects in public space are evidence of an interest in inverting the view on the familiar.

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