Gallery exhibition - 2009
Piotr Janas
Geometry of Meat
  • Dates
    7 November 2009 - 31 December 2009
  • Artists
Press Release

You’re sitting in a cinema. Watching a movie, say, the ‘Antichrist’, but instead of actors geo-metrical figures appear on the screen. And so: a Triangle is having sex with a Circle, stran-gling it eventually. (The Circle swells, reddens and then grows blue).

You see a poster for that movie: A Triangle on a Circle, typography. The poster is just perfect.

You perceive everything around you as a set of geometrical figures. A group of rectangles here, a lonely circle there. A car accident becomes a tangle of circles, triangles, and rectan-gles. A beautiful composition. The figures however, due to their nature, cannot obscure everything.

Seeing a circle, you approach it with a can-opener. You begin opening it, a purple trickle oozes from the first puncture. You keep opening it until you finish. You bend it open. The in-side of the circle holds raw meat. When I say ‘five’, you will wake up.


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