Heimo Zobernig

26 April 2014 - 7 September 2014
Solo exhibition

Mudam Luxembourg, Luxembourg, Luxembourg

Artist Page: 

Since the late 1970s, Austrian artist Heimo Zobernig has developed a radical body of work centered on a critical approach to abstraction, questioning its history and testing its vocabulary, limitations and autonomy. Often drawing on sources from outside the field of art – a way for the artist to “circumvent conventions” – Heimo Zobernig’s artworks are characterised both by their formal and conceptual coherence and by the diversity of practices they encompass: sculpture, painting, architecture, graphics, video, etc. Presented in the museum’s two first-floor galleries, this large solo exhibition will consist of a body of recent work in which elements from old pieces created at different moments in the artist’s career are “recycled” as sculptures.