Museum exhibition

Liquid Planet: Abstract Painting Today

Hanspeter Hofmann, Emil Michael Klein, Renée Levi, Maria Magdalena Z'Graggen
Kunsthaus Baselland, Muttenz/Basel, Switzerland
25 November 2018 - 7 January 2019

How powerful and contemporary do we believe painting is today? How much relevance or presence do we accord it? At the Kunsthaus Baselland this year’s Regionale exhibition presents 20 artists of different generations from the tri-national region. In their work all the artists focus on non-representational painting and thus negotiate possibilities for an ongoing and relevant painting practice.

The selected and invited artists will predominantly exhibit large-format presentations of several works.

Curator: Ines Goldbach. Assistant Curators: Carole Ackermann, Klarissa Flückiger, Ines Tondar

For more information please visit Kunsthaus Baselland.

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