Alte Tiere Hochgestapelt Opera

Muda Mathis / Sus Zwick
Theater Basel, Basel, Switzerland
11 September 2021, 21:00

11.09.2021 21:00
19.09.2021 18:30
24.09.2021 19:30

A Basel town musicians revue by and with Les Reines Prochaines & Friends

Legendary Basel women’s collective and their friends meet the theatre’s women’s choir! Together they create a new version of the ‹Bremen Town Musicians›. A donkey, dog, cat and rooster search for a better life in their twilight years and occupy a robber’s house. At Theater Basel, Les Reines Prochaines occupy the Grosse Bühne with the support of the opera choir members. The Basel-based group has been combining political, feminist and socially-critical issues, humour and poetry since the 1980s. Their ballads, popular melodies and songs are inspired by pop, folk and classical music.
In 2019, they won the Swiss Music Award.

As a music performance collective and true cult band, Les Reines Prochaines have played their way through halls, basements, theatres and feminist-inspired spaces in Europe over the past 30 years. As an author’s band, they have given their all in the most diverse projects and formations and created their very own cosmos of sound somewhere between saxophone, synth, guitar and countless other instruments. The concert show ‹Let’s Sing Arbeiterin*› was created at Kaserne Basel in 2018 under the ‹Les Reines Prochaines & Friends› label. ‹Alte Tiere hochgestapelt› is the second full-length work by this bigger than usual formation.

For more information please visit Theater Basel.

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