Markus Müller
Under renovation

19 February 2022 - 3 July 2022
Solo exhibition

Bündner Kunstmuseum Chur, Chur, Switzerland

Artist Page: 

Sculptural techniques such as cutting, sawing, bending or grinding determine the form vocabulary of Markus Müller’s (*1970, CH) works. The artist’s book, which is his first work for the exhibition, makes these sculptural principles visible and shows the interconnections between idea and material. In the book the artist brings together drawings of ornaments, of chairs, sculptures, indoor and outdoor spaces, as well as of remains of work processes such as sanderdust or woodcuttings. For the first time the Basel artist with roots in Graubünden provides an access to the basis of his sculptural work. The book serves as a mirror of the exhibition, in which works refer to art objects or cite sculptural properties such as weight, density or value. Consequently the exhibition becomes a stage, on which the significance of the decorative in our culture as well as the basic questions concerning the fragile nature of the creative process itself is negotiated.

Accompanying the exhibition is an artist’s book by edition fink with essays by Katharina Dunst, Mohomodou Houssouba, Damian Jurt, AnnaÏk Lou-Pitteloud, Muda Mathis and Markus Müller.