Museum exhibition

Josef Herzog: Polly Apfelbaum, Josef Herzog

Kunstmuseum Luzern, Luzern, Switzerland
5 March - 19 June 2022

The world of Polly Apfelbaum (*1955) is uncompromisingly colourful. The American artist overcomes customary definitions of art in her works: her canvas is as much carpet as it is a patchwork blanket or a ceramic. The borderlines between sculpture and paintings are fluid, so the woven thread replaces the drawn or painted line, while her works hang on the wall, lie on the ground or furnish the space.

The artist Josef Herzog (1939–1998), from Central Switzerland, uses wildly burgeoning and expanding structures and formations in his drawings, which are executed in both a controlled and a vigorous way. Josef Herzog consistently examines the features of lines, leading them back to their essence in ever new variations. Immoderateness and fascination are close together in his work.

What Polly Apfelbaum and Josef Herzog have in common is their concentration on colours, planes and lines, the potential of which they explore. In doing so both develop an overwhelming diversity, while their work always remains non-figurative.

curated by Laura Breitschmid

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