Museum exhibition

Here and Now II, Vienna Sculpture 2023

Thomas Baumann, Liesl Raff, Werner Reiterer, Heimo Zobernig
Neuer Kunstverein Wien, Wien, Austria
6 June - 30 October 2023

As a continuation of the project 'Here and Now I', the exhibition 'Here and Now II' offers a platform for artists living in Vienna who work in the field of sculpture and object art. It provides an insight into the quality and diversity of the Viennese sculpture scene of recent years and addresses the diversity of this medium with the different artistic attitudes represented in it. In doing so, the exhibition 'Here and Now' unites different generations of artists and sculpture concepts. 'Here and Now II' was conceived together with the artists for the rooms of the former St. Marx car dealership, which also gives the works new perspectives and readings through the new contextualisation.

The artists use a wide range of materials from steel to wax, fabric, papier-mâché, wood and LED screens and constantly explore the potential of sculpture anew. The diversity of the works ranges from abstract metal objects to filigree spatial constructions, figurative sculptures to objects floating in space. The artists are interested in the examination of space, dimension, form and material, the phenomenon of sculpture as well as gender issues, socio-political debates and individual phenomena of memory and recollection. The works of the participating artists not only demonstrate the range of what sculpture is and can be today, they also invite a debate on the theory and practice of contemporary sculpture.

Thomas Baumann I Manfred Erjautz I Judith Fegerl I Andreas Fogarasi I Christoph und Markus Getzner I Sophie Hirsch I Jakob Lena Knebl I Christian Kosmas Mayer I Hans Kupelwieser I Anita Leisz I Kris Lemsalu I Irina Lotarevich I Claudia Märzendorfer I Liesl Raff I Werner Reiterer I Sofie Thorsen I Philipp Timischl I Camila Sposati I Esther Stocker I Erwin Wurm I Heimo Zobernig with Can Yasargil, Marcus Geiger

Curated by Herwig Kempinger, Kasia Matt-Uszynska

For more information please visit Neuer Kunstverein Wien.

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