Museum exhibition

Rome, a portrait

Benedikt Hipp
Palazzo delle Esposizioni, Rome, Italy
10 May - 30 July 2023

Rome, a portrait is the first edition of a project that will be turning the Palazzo delle Esposizioni on an annual basis into a primary observatory for exploring the visions and the research of those foreign scholars and artists who spend a period of residency in Rome every year as guests of the Academies and Cultural Institutes that have been a part of city’s life since the 17th century.

The Académie de France was established in the city in 1666 on the suggestion of French Minister of Finances Jean-Baptiste Colbert and of Gian Lorenzo Bernini to host young artists who won the prestigious Prix de Rome. In the 18th century Rome was a cosmopolitan city and a priority destination on the Grand Tour, an international setting in which to complete one’s cultural and personal education. In the course of the 19th century, numerous countries followed France’s example and set up their own cultural institutes, while others were established on a permanent footing after the Universal Exhibition of 1911 which identified the international cultural district of Valle Giulia as a distinguishing feature of the modern capital. And the foundation of further foreign research institutes in the aftermath of World War II came to bolster the city’s history and narrative.

The depiction of the landscape of Rome from the earliest "views" is the exhibition's basic premise and starting point, unfolding thereafter in a range of different media and forms.

The exhibition continues with encounters, performances and screenings hosted at the Palazzo delle Esposizioni and with an invitation to take part in the exhibitions and open studios in the academies and institutes that are, today, venues for encounter and cross-contamination among careers, identities, styles, disciplines and communities that recount the complexity of our present era.

For more information please visit Palazzo delle Esposizioni.

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