Simone Holliger
Untitled, 2021
Paper, glue, acrylic, ink
57 × 80 × 57 cm
Simone Holliger

Simone Holliger, of Aargau origin, who lived in Geneva for a long time and has now moved into her new, permanent residence in Basel, activates the space with her sculptural contributions. Far be it from her to seek to occupy. Holliger doesn't bring her sculpture, unloads it and sets it up. Like a malleable shape that is built up slowly, it grows on site, seeks its ideal location as well as its own equilibrium throughout its formation. The material, as steady, elegant and permanent as it seems, it is as fragile and temporary: Simone Holliger works with paper and glued edges. From it, she creates works that are freestanding or can be installed on a wall. Their shapes supporting and strengthening the material, holding the horizontal and the vertical, rebelling against gravity, standing on legs, carried by arms, and, above all, are a balanced act, keeping artistic idea as well as possibilities and limitations of the material in equilibrium.

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