Hannah Weinberger
Sounds for the plugs, 2015
8 x audio loops, x mini, ipod shuffles, various duration: 3:15 - 14 min.
Edition of 3
Hannah Weinberger

In sound and video installations, Hannah Weinberger creates sonically interactive exhibitions that enlist audiences as collaborators and co-producers. Weinberger corrals and isolates atmospheric sounds from daily life — in field recordings or through the participation of street musicians — and gives them renewed context and attention within insulated exhibition environments. Installations of responsive audio systems outfitted with infrared sensors react to temperature changes and movements of visitors; increases in crowd density further influence the shifts of the soundtracks, which also reveal spatial dimensions through their reverberations. In Weinberger’s installations, audiences become cooperative ensembles that enhance an awareness of the ways public spaces enable shared experiences and collective action. (Recipient of the Swiss Art Award, Basel in 2019).

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