Muda Mathis & Sus Zwick: My House – your Arms – our own Sleep

My Art Guide Basel
1 January 2017

Nicolas Krupp presents “Mein Haus – deine Arme – unserer aller Schlaf
[My House – your Arms – our own Sleep]”, an exhibition by the artists Muda Mathis and Sus Zwick.

“Sleep is more than a break a rest for the brain. Sleep is more than shifting from shortterm to long-term memory. Sleep is the condition for waking up. And what does the body know that the mind doesn’t? We sleep, we sleep for a better world. I mean sleep as a revolutionary practice.” Les Reines Prochaines, 2014

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Cover Image: Muda Mathis, Sus Zwick, My House, 2016. Courtesy of the artists and Nicolas Krupp.