Bernard Piffaretti

Published by Art.C, 2002
Contributions by Jean-Marc Huitorel, Bruno Haas

The principle of duplication, which is the most obvious characteristic of Bernard Piffaretti's art, has had countless repercussions, the most disconcerting of which and one that is rarely mentioned today, is that it has even been taken up by the critics of his work. So many things are repeated from one text to another, so many never-ending new beginnings in order to say something about a work that distinguishes itself through the very idea of starting over. It's enough to make one dizzy. Glossy criticisms and exegeses for a text that is so clear yet so murky at the same time. Reiterating the facts each time is inevitable. Next, choosing from the inexhaustible stock of banalities a few that aren't too threadbare and fashioning them into pretty sentences, between the arrogant starchiness and flippant joking (that remain, whatever one may say or do, the undeniable and very ambiguous bipolarity of this universe).

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