Jürg Stäuble
Mehr sein als System

Published by Hatje Cantz, 2017
Contributions by Dominique von Burg, Beat Wismer, Isabel Zürcher, Jürg Stäuble, Sabine Schaschl

Even though his three-dimensional sculptures and installations usually arise from mathematical ideas, construction drawings, and models, Jürg Stäuble (*1948 in Wohlen, Switzerland) is not a constructivist artist in the usual sense. For him, geometry is more a starting point than the goal, even though his works follow precise rules of play. Based on six-sided or circular structures, as well as on systems of order such as sequencing, displacement, layering, and interpenetration, the sculptures question the characteristics of space and its perception. Thus, his artistic interventions in the German-speaking parts of Switzerland often take place in architectural or public settings. This publication honors the Swiss artist’s approximately fifty years of creativity in the fields of Minimal Art, Land Art, and Conceptual Art, and will be released in conjunction with the solo exhibition at the Museum Haus Konstruktiv.

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