Silvia Bächli
Lidschlag, How It Looks

Published by Lars Müller Publishers, 2004
Contributions by Silvia Bächli

Silvia Bächli (1956) has become one of the most successful Swiss artists of her generation. This publication was developed with the artist, and is the first comprehensive survey of her output. Silvia Bächli’s art makes us feel unsure of ourselves. It sends viewers on a tightrope walk between banality and deliberate continuity. Her art always concentrates on the minimum. We see isolated arms or faces or eyes. No context is provided at all. She illustrates the impressions that remain after a walk. Despite the general trend in art towards being ever more provocative, louder and more strident, Silvia Bächli has stuck to Indian ink, gouache, oil paint and thin, smooth white paper for over twenty years.

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