Thomas Baumann

Published by Walther Konig, 2005
Contributions by Manuela Ammer, Thomas Baumann, Katrin Bucher, Brigitte Huck, Erich Klein, Julie Ryan and Katia Schurl

The computer-operated art-maschines of Thomas Baumann confuse and seduce the viewer's five senses and demand - not least because of their critical content - his brain power. Visitors of the new Kunsthaus Graz will remember Baumann's light-program "Plot:Bach" for the shell of the building in 2004. The inventor and programmer of digital-mechanical constructions, which appear to be laconic in their complexity and speculative fiction, has become a highly demanded repesentative for digital subversion. The book offers an overview of the last 10 years of Baumann's work, a talk with the artist as well as insights in his films and archive.

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